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Re: Archive Big Brother Videos
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Big Brother 4 Germany

Starting off my Big Brother archive with the 4th edition from Germany. This aired in 2003 so these caps are 16 years old. This was the first show I ever capped and all are taken from the TV shows, so most showers are just the few seconds they showed on the daily show. Quality is not great due to age of files and the inexperience of me at the time.

37 videos zipped into 1 file, total size 179 Mb.
Guys included are - Botho, Clemens, Gabriel, Holger, Jan, Kai, Marc, Michel, Sava & Ulf!cMoliazZ!H-XHGncrQOEIJqEjNBHKRxivr--06vh4LWpYzsVmr48

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Re: Archive Big Brother Videos
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Wow that’s brilliant. Thank you!