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Re: Por Amor O Por Dinero (Argentina)
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Last night there was sex between Matías and Anabella. On TV: when you already noticed that they were having sex, they started repeating the program from the beginning and on the small screen they saw that they had strong sex, then they directly censored completely by removing the small screen.
Did the same thing happen on the website? or there they did not censor.

The production is lying: in the official site says that after what they show in this video, they went to sleep .... and it is a lie because they turned off the lights and there they began to have sex.

I saw this by chance. It looked like sex but you never know the show is a joke to say the least! Anyway, after the lights went out they looked like they were just starting to fuck rear entry,  production then started the recording of when the couple entered without the box. After a while they brought the box back couple were just cuddling for a while and then they started moving more, was not sex, and the box went so could not see them!

Wow! I saw a lot of people complaining about censorship in the comments but I did not know why. I guess I know now lol anyway I'll look through twitter and see if there's a video somewhere, who knows.