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Love Island starts on Monday June 4th on ITV 2

OK, once June comes around I will see if I can get that for posting here.

Love Island bosses have revealed they've considered adding live feed from the villa.
Show producers have been quizzed on the prospect ahead of season four starting on Monday.
But as of right now, Love Island says it won't be following in Big Brother's footsteps just yet.
Big Brother famously offered viewers the chance to tune in 24/7 when it first premiered on Channel 4.
However coverage was slowly cut back and eventually dropped, with the show currently airing on Channel 5 without any live feed.
ITV2 Controller Paul Mortimer told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Big Brother stopped doing it at the point at which the audience got a bit fatigued by it.
"If we did it then it would have to be on another platform. Not on any linear channels. We wouldn't give over ITV2 to do it.
"At the moment we don't feel like we need to pull any more things out the hat because the show is doing really well as it is. If there a chance that a live stream might in some way mean the main show got fewer eyeballs then that would be a reason not to do it."
ITV's Angela Jain added: "On Big Brother, the biggest amount of views came when the people were asleep in the house.
"The joy of the show is having that one hour a night that you look forward to which has become part of the national conversation. I think that feels quite special. It's become appointment-to-view television."


This started tonight.


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