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Basic Guide to Capping with Hypercam

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Small guide to capturing:

When minimizing the window , hypercam has got a nice little controlpanel for recording sitting at the taskbar for easy recording.

Hypercam Settings:

Select Xvid codec and click properties..

This is what your capturing settings should look like.
Select Unrestricted as Profile from the drop down menu.
Next click "more..." to bring up the configuration and set your Quantization values as the screenshot.

Make sure capture mouse cursor is deselected.

Deselect "show recording bounds"

Processing the video using virtualdub 
(only if you need to process the video - you could also just upload your file directly if using xvid to capture as the filesize is small already.)

Drag the file into Virtualdub and select the "Video" dropdown menu (make sure it says "Full processing mode" if you are going to use filters".. Click the "Compression" tab and select Xvid (check the settings and change to bitrate @ 2000kb/s)
Next click the "Filters" tab.

Click "Add" and select null transform from the list and ok, repeat the process and add "resize" this time.
These two filters are the only ones you will need, null transform for cropping (select null transform on the list, and click "Cropping...") and resize to ensure correct aspect ratio after cropping.

Cropping the green and black bottom on nutv logo off.
Click ok after you,re done, and double click the resize filter.

Set Aspect ratio to disabled.. And put either 720x400 or 848x480 in the boxes..
Click ok , and ok again on the filters window to close it and save your options.

Click the audio tab select full processing mode, and click the compression tab.

Select mp3/mpeg-layer 3 and choose 128kbit/s on the list.
Settings done.

To skip having to do this everytime, save your processing settings.
Next time you need to process a clip just load the processing setting file and you are setup to cut your clip instantly.

Cutting is easy with virtualdub, just use the slider to find the starting and stop position you want to save, select start and stop positions with the two arrows.

Uploading to Mirrorcreator

Mirrorcreator is a tool for uploading your file once to Multiple hoster's.

In short you upload your file(s) (Max 10 at a time) to Mirrorcreator, which Mirrorcreator will then distribute to up to 12 selectable host's for you with no further uploading done from your part.

Here's how it works: (Click for larger images)

I would strongly recommend to create an account with them, it's free and will ease your future uploading by providing options to use your own accounts and fixed hoster selection, which as with no account you have to select each time you start a new upload/batch of uploads.  It also gives you basic filemanagement to delete and watch your files.

Lets start with setting up your options:

The basic file management:

Click on Account settings.

Note that some of the filehosts require an account to work with mirrorcreator these are mentioned on the front page and goes as following:

The rest works perfectly without accounts.

Now you can enter your filehost accounts into each of the respective fields you got an account for.

Just under you can create your own personal selection of filehosts for mirrorcreator to automatically select each time you make a new upload.

Now for the uploading part:

You select your file(s)/remote url and select the wanted hosters, if you,re still not using an account the bottom indicate which hosters you will need your own account to upload to (note that you can select the affected hosts, but the upload to them will fail unless you enter an account (only have to do it once)

After the upload has finished, You will get the links as a Mirrorcreator link + short link to share..

Which if you click will then take you to the download screen for all the hosts you selected, and where you can get each individual link if wanted. (Remember to share the Mirrorcreator link with the individual link or you risk losing your Mirrorcreator account (Your filehost accounts will not be affected)

Note: Filepost has failed since i don't have an account myself and won't use them.

You click download on the host you want to get the file from

That's it.

Great guide.

Dont know if this will be of any help to recording, but I just started using the reather good free programme that allows you to record and capure all whats on your screen including sound for free


--- Quote from: LICKALOT on April 20, 2013, 11:01:26 PM ---Dont know if this will be of any help to recording, but I just started using the reather good free programme that allows you to record and capure all whats on your screen including sound for free

--- End quote ---
A very good screen recorder with stereo sound!
Received a modification after starting up.
Now it after stopping recording, immediately ready to record again.
With the old version you had to wait until everything is encoded.

I used for camtasia all my life but bandicam is the best for now. No offense but there are better options and settings, and if people are interested I can help them out. We need more cappers here too, so don't take offense to it as you took a lot of time in doing it but I'll give you cam/ban which are pay, for free if you're not freaked out by pirating software and of course you don't have to worry about viruses or anything as now days everything is false positive if you're running an AVP. For me I don't even do firewall or any anti-virus program because I know what I'm doing and don't need that bloat-ware, as those programs are for people who don't know what the fuck they're doing.


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